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Bug Tracking

If you encounter any bug in εχTEX please report them to the εχTEX team. The bug report should contain a minimal example demonstrating the problem and a description in which way the expected result differs from the result encountered. In addition you should enclose the relevant information about your environment. This should include:

  • the operating system including its version
  • the version of the Java runtime used (use java -version)
  • the minimal input file
  • the invocation of εχTEX (command line) with all parameters
  • the log file produced

The bug report can be filed directly at the bug tracker of εχTEX:

There you can also see the old bugs reported. Please try to make sure that your bug has not been reported before.

You can also report a bug via email to extex-bugs@lists.berlios.de. Here the same rules apply.

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