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Packages that use BackendException
de.dante.extex.backend This package contains the backends of ExTeX 
de.dante.extex.backend.documentWriter.exception This package contains the exception classes for the document writer implementations. 
de.dante.extex.backend.documentWriter.pdf.exception This package contains the exceptions of the pdf backend. 
de.dante.extex.backend.exception This package contains the backend exceptionss of ExTeX
de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter This package contains the page filters of ExTeX
de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector This package contains the page selector and supporting classes. 

Uses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend

Methods in de.dante.extex.backend that throw BackendException
 void BackendDriverImpl.close()
 int BackendDriverImpl.shipout(Page page)
 void BackendDriver.close()
          This method is invoked upon the end of the processing.
 int BackendDriver.shipout(Page page)
          This is the entry point for the document writer.

Uses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.documentWriter.exception

Subclasses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.documentWriter.exception
 class DocumentWriterClosedChannelException
          DocumentWriter: clodes channel.
 class DocumentWriterException
          This is the base class for all document writer exception visible through the interface.
 class DocumentWriterFontException
          DocumentWriter: FontException.
 class DocumentWriterIOException
          DocumentWriter: IOException.
 class NoOutputStreamException
          A document writer throws is exception when no output stream was set before calling shipout.
 class OutputStreamOpenException
          This exception is used to signal that an output stream could not be opened.

Uses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.documentWriter.pdf.exception

Subclasses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.documentWriter.pdf.exception
 class DocumentWriterPdfBoxColorException
          Exception for the ColorAdapter.
 class DocumentWriterPdfException
          DocumentWriter: Exception from the PDF-Document.
 class DocumentWriterPdfNotSupportedColorException
          Exception for the ColorAdapter.

Uses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.exception

Subclasses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.exception
 class BackendMissingTargetException
          The back-end exception signaling that the output target is missing.

Uses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter

Methods in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter that throw BackendException
 void PageReverser.close()
 void PagePipe.close()
          This method is invoked upon the end of the processing.
 void PagePipe.shipout(Page nodes)
          This is the entry point for the document writer.

Uses of BackendException in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector

Methods in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector that throw BackendException
 void PageSelector.close()
 void PageSelector.shipout(Page page)