Uses of Interface

Packages that use PagePipe
de.dante.extex.backend This package contains the backends of ExTeX 
de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter This package contains the page filters of ExTeX
de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector This package contains the page selector and supporting classes. 

Uses of PagePipe in de.dante.extex.backend

Methods in de.dante.extex.backend with parameters of type PagePipe
 void BackendDriverImpl.add(PagePipe processor)
 void BackendDriver.add(PagePipe processor)
          Adder for a processor.

Uses of PagePipe in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter

Classes in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter that implement PagePipe
 class PageReverser
          This page filter reverses the order of the pages shipped out.

Methods in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter with parameters of type PagePipe
 void PageReverser.setOutput(PagePipe pipe)
 void PagePipe.setOutput(PagePipe out)
          Setter for the output node pipe.

Uses of PagePipe in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector

Classes in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector that implement PagePipe
 class PageSelector
          This page filter selects some pages to be shipped out.

Methods in de.dante.extex.backend.pageFilter.selector with parameters of type PagePipe
 void PageSelector.setOutput(PagePipe pipe)