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Packages that use TFMFixWord
de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm This package contains the definitions and implementations for the TFM-font-metric handling in ExTeX. 
de.dante.extex.font.type.vf.command This package contains the definitions and implementations for the VF-commands handling in ExTeX. 

Uses of TFMFixWord in de.dante.extex.font.type

Methods in de.dante.extex.font.type with parameters of type TFMFixWord
 PlWriter PlWriter.addFixWord(TFMFixWord fw, java.lang.String name)
          Add a Fixword.

Uses of TFMFixWord in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm

Fields in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm declared as TFMFixWord
static TFMFixWord TFMFixWord.NULL
static TFMFixWord TFMFixWord.ZERO
static TFMFixWord TFMFixWord.UNITY
static TFMFixWord TFMFixWord.TEN

Methods in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm that return TFMFixWord
 TFMFixWord[] TFMWidthArray.getTable()
          Returns the table.
 TFMFixWord[] TFMParamArray.getTable()
          Returns the table.
 TFMFixWord TFMLigKern.getKern()
          Return the kern
 TFMFixWord TFMKerning.getKern()
 TFMFixWord[] TFMKernArray.getTable()
          Returns the table.
 TFMFixWord[] TFMItalicArray.getTable()
          Returns the table.
 TFMFixWord[] TFMHeightArray.getTable()
          Returns the table.
 TFMFixWord TFMHeaderArray.getDesignsize()
          Returns the designsize.
 TFMFixWord[] TFMDepthArray.getTable()
          Returns the table.
 TFMFixWord TFMCharInfoWord.getDepth()
          Returns the depth.
 TFMFixWord TFMCharInfoWord.getHeight()
          Returns the height.
 TFMFixWord TFMCharInfoWord.getItalic()
          Returns the italic.
 TFMFixWord TFMCharInfoWord.getWidth()
          Returns the width.

Methods in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm with parameters of type TFMFixWord
 void TFMCharInfoWord.setDepth(TFMFixWord adepth)
          Det the depth.
 void TFMCharInfoWord.setHeight(TFMFixWord aheight)
          Set the height.
 void TFMCharInfoWord.setItalic(TFMFixWord aitalic)
          Set the italic
 void TFMCharInfoWord.setWidth(TFMFixWord awidth)
          Set the width

Constructors in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm with parameters of type TFMFixWord
TFMKerning(int skip, short next, TFMFixWord k)
          Create a new object

Uses of TFMFixWord in de.dante.extex.font.type.vf.command

Methods in de.dante.extex.font.type.vf.command that return TFMFixWord
 TFMFixWord VFCommandPre.getDesignsize()
          Returns the designsize.
 TFMFixWord VFCommandFontDef.getDesignsize()
          Returns the designsize.
 TFMFixWord VFCommandFontDef.getScalefactor()
          Returns the scalefactor.
 TFMFixWord VFCommandCharacterPackets.getWidth()
          Returns the width.