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Packages that use TFMFontType
de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm This package contains the definitions and implementations for the TFM-font-metric handling in ExTeX. 

Uses of TFMFontType in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm

Methods in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm that return TFMFontType
 TFMFontType TFMHeaderArray.getFontype()
          Returns the fontype.
 TFMFontType TFMFont.getFontType()
          Returns the font type.

Constructors in de.dante.extex.font.type.tfm with parameters of type TFMFontType
TFMParamArray(RandomAccessR rar, int size, TFMFontType ft)
          Create a new object