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Packages that use Conditional
de.dante.extex.interpreter This package contains the macro expansion engine and all supporting classes. 
de.dante.extex.interpreter.context This package contains the container for data in the interpreter. 
de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl This package contains a reference implementation for the Context This package contains definitions for a conditional observer. 

Uses of Conditional in de.dante.extex.interpreter

Subclasses of Conditional in de.dante.extex.interpreter
 class ConditionalSwitch
          This class represents a conditional for an \ifcase construct.

Uses of Conditional in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context that return Conditional
 Conditional Context.getConditional()
          Getter for the currently active conditional.
 Conditional Context.popConditional()
          Pop the management information for a conditional from the stack and return it.

Uses of Conditional in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl that return Conditional
 Conditional ContextImpl.getConditional()
 Conditional ContextImpl.popConditional()

Uses of Conditional in

Methods in with parameters of type Conditional
 void ConditionalObserver.receiveStartConditional(ContextInternals context, Conditional conditional)
          Receive a notification on a start event.
 void ConditionalObserver.receiveEndConditional(ContextInternals context, Conditional conditional)
          Receive a notification on an end event.