Uses of Interface

Packages that use GroupInfo
de.dante.extex.interpreter.context This package contains the container for data in the interpreter. 
de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl This package contains a reference implementation for the Context

Uses of GroupInfo in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context that return GroupInfo
 GroupInfo[] ContextGroup.getGroupInfos()
          Getter for the array of group information describing the currently open groups.

Uses of GroupInfo in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl

Classes in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl that implement GroupInfo
 class GroupInfoImpl
          This class provides a reference implementation for a GroupInfo.

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl that return GroupInfo
 GroupInfo[] ContextImpl.getGroupInfos()