Class EtexVersion

  extended byde.dante.extex.interpreter.type.AbstractCode
      extended byde.dante.extex.interpreter.primitives.register.count.AbstractReadonlyCount
          extended byde.dante.extex.interpreter.primitives.register.count.EtexVersion
All Implemented Interfaces:
Code, CountConvertible, Localizable,, Theable

public class EtexVersion
extends AbstractReadonlyCount

This abstract base class provides the methods an read only count primitive.

$Revision: 1.7 $
Sebastian Waschik
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected static long serialVersionUID
          The field serialVersionUID contains the id for serialization.
Constructor Summary
EtexVersion(java.lang.String name)
          Creates a new object.
Method Summary
 long convertCount(Context context, TokenSource source, Typesetter typesetter)
          This method converts a register into a count.
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Field Detail


protected static final long serialVersionUID
The field serialVersionUID contains the id for serialization.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public EtexVersion(java.lang.String name)
Creates a new object.

name - the name for debugging
Method Detail


public long convertCount(Context context,
                         TokenSource source,
                         Typesetter typesetter)
                  throws InterpreterException
Description copied from interface: CountConvertible
This method converts a register into a count. It might be necessary to read further tokens to determine which value to use. For instance an additional register number might be required. In this case the additional arguments Context and TokenSource can be used.

context - the interpreter context
source - the source for new tokens
typesetter - the typesetter to use for conversion
the converted value
InterpreterException - in case of an error
See Also:
CountConvertible.convertCount( de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.Context, de.dante.extex.interpreter.TokenSource, Typesetter)