Interface Theable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractColor, AbstractMath, AbstractReadonlyCount, Badness, CatcodePrimitive, CharCode, CountPrimitive, Currentgrouplevel, Currentgrouptype, Currentifbranch, Currentiflevel, Currentiftype, Delcode, Dimenexpr, DimenPrimitive, Dp, Efcode, Fontchardp, Fontcharht, Fontcharic, Fontcharwd, FontCode, Fontdimen, Glueshrink, Glueshrinkorder, Gluestretch, Gluestretchorder, Ht, HyphenActive, Hyphenchar, Inputfilename, Inputlineno, IntegerCode, Interactionmode, Lastkern, Lastpenalty, Lccode, LeftHyphenmin, Mag, MathAbs, MathACos, MathAdd, MathASin, MathATan, MathATanTwo, MathCeil, MathcodePrimitive, MathCos, MathDiv, MathE, MathExp, MathExpression, MathFloor, MathLog, MathMax, MathMin, MathMul, MathPi, MathPow, MathRandom, MathRint, MathRound, MathSin, MathSqrt, MathSub, MathTan, MathToDegrees, MathToRadians, MuskipParameter, NamedBool, NamedFont, NamedHashToks, NamedPair, NamedReal, NamedTransform, Namespace, Numexpr, Odelcode, Oglueshrinkorder, Ogluestretchorder, OmathcodePrimitive, OmegaMathcharCode, Parshape, Parshapedimen, Parshapeindent, Parshapelength, Pdffontname, Pdffontobjnum, Pdflastannot, Pdflastobj, Pdflastxform, Pdflastximage, Prevdepth, PrintFormat, RightHyphenmin, ScaledCode, Sfcode, Skewchar, SkipPrimitive, Spacefactor, TeXMathcharCode, ToksPrimitive, Uccode, Wd

public interface Theable

This is a interface to mark those classes which are able to provide a description. This description is returned in form of Tokens.

$Revision: 1.5 $
Gerd Neugebauer

Method Summary
 Tokens the(Context context, TokenSource source, Typesetter typesetter)
          This method is the getter for the description of the primitive.

Method Detail


public Tokens the(Context context,
                  TokenSource source,
                  Typesetter typesetter)
           throws InterpreterException
This method is the getter for the description of the primitive.

context - the interpreter context
source - the source for further tokens to qualify the request
typesetter - the typesetter to use
the description of the primitive as list of Tokens
InterpreterException - in case of an error