Uses of Interface

Packages that use Loader This package contains primitives to deal with Java code from within ExTeX. 
de.dante.extex.interpreter.primitives.dynamic.util This package contains utilities. 
de.dante.extex.interpreter.unit.tex This package contains the setup for the unit TeX. 

Uses of Loader in

Classes in that implement Loader
 class JavaLoad
          This primitive initiates the loading of Java code and implements the primitive \javaload

Uses of Loader in de.dante.extex.interpreter.primitives.dynamic.util

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.primitives.dynamic.util that return Loader
 Loader LoaderFactory.createLoad()
          Create a new instance of the class given by the attribute class of the configuration.

Uses of Loader in de.dante.extex.interpreter.unit.tex

Classes in de.dante.extex.interpreter.unit.tex that implement Loader
 class TexUnitInfo
          This class provides the setup for the unit tex.