Interface LanguageManager

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public interface LanguageManager

This class manages the HyphenationTables. It is a container which can be asked to provide an appropriate instance. This instance is either taken from existing instances or a new instance is created.


This instance is configurable. The configuration is used to select the appropriate class and optional parameters for a requested instance. In this respect this class makes best use of the infrastructure of the AbstractFactory.

$Revision: 1.5 $
Gerd Neugebauer, Michael Niedermair

Method Summary
 Language getLanguage(java.lang.String index)
          Return the Language for a given name.

Method Detail


public Language getLanguage(java.lang.String index)
                     throws ConfigurationException
Return the Language for a given name.

If there is no language present with the given name then a new one is created or loaded.

The index in TeX is the language number as String. This implementation does not have this restriction. The name can be any string.

The proposal is to use a natural number for backward compatibility and ISO language codes otherwise.

index - the name for which the language is requested
the language for the given name
ConfigurationException - in case of an error in the configuration
See Also:
getLanguage( java.lang.String)