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Packages that use ParagraphShape
de.dante.extex.interpreter.context This package contains the container for data in the interpreter. 
de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl This package contains a reference implementation for the Context
de.dante.extex.typesetter This package contains the typesetter definitions for ExTeX. 
de.dante.extex.typesetter.paragraphBuilder This package contains the definitions of a paragraph builder for ExTeX and some implementations. 

Uses of ParagraphShape in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context that return ParagraphShape
 ParagraphShape Context.getParshape()
          Getter for the paragraph shape.

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context with parameters of type ParagraphShape
 void Context.setParshape(ParagraphShape shape)
          Setter for the paragraph shape.

Uses of ParagraphShape in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl that return ParagraphShape
 ParagraphShape ContextImpl.getParshape()
          Getter for the parshape.

Methods in de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.impl with parameters of type ParagraphShape
 void ContextImpl.setParshape(ParagraphShape shape)

Uses of ParagraphShape in de.dante.extex.typesetter

Methods in de.dante.extex.typesetter that return ParagraphShape
 ParagraphShape TypesetterOptions.getParshape()
          Getter fot the paragraph shape.

Methods in de.dante.extex.typesetter with parameters of type ParagraphShape
 void TypesetterOptions.setParshape(ParagraphShape shape)
          Setter for the paragraph shape.

Uses of ParagraphShape in de.dante.extex.typesetter.paragraphBuilder

Subclasses of ParagraphShape in de.dante.extex.typesetter.paragraphBuilder
 class FixedParagraphShape
          This paragraph shape represents a fixed block.
 class HangingParagraphShape
          This paragraph shape represents a block with hanging indentation.