Class DeltaNode

  extended byde.dante.extex.interpreter.type.glue.WideGlue
      extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.paragraphBuilder.texImpl.DeltaNode

public class DeltaNode
extends WideGlue

822. The active list also contains "delta" nodes that help the algorithm compute the badness of individual lines. Such nodes appear only between two active nodes, and they have type=delta_node. If p and r are active nodes and if q is a delta node between them, so that link(p)=q and link(q)=r, then q tells the space difference between lines in the horizontal list that start after breakpoint p and lines that start after breakpoint r. In other words, if we know the length of the line that starts after p and ends at our current position, then the corresponding length of the line that starts after r is obtained by adding the amounts in node q. A delta node contains six scaled numbers, since it must record the net change in glue stretchability with respect to all orders of infinity. The natural width difference appears in mem[q+1].sc; the stretch differences in units of pt, fil, fill, and filll appear in mem[q+2 .. q+5].sc; and the shrink difference appears in mem[q+6].sc. The subtype field of a delta node is not used.

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Gerd Neugebauer

Constructor Summary
DeltaNode(WideGlue glue)
          Creates a new object.
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Constructor Detail


public DeltaNode(WideGlue glue)
Creates a new object.

glue - the glue to copy