Class CloseNoad

  extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.AbstractNoad
      extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.AbstractNucleusNoad
          extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.CloseNoad
All Implemented Interfaces:
Noad, SimpleNoad

public class CloseNoad
extends AbstractNucleusNoad
implements SimpleNoad

This Noad represents a closing delimiter.

$Revision: 1.18 $
Gerd Neugebauer
See Also:
"TTP [682]"

Constructor Summary
CloseNoad(Noad nucleus, TypesettingContext tc)
          Creates a new object.
Method Summary
protected  void toStringAdd(java.lang.StringBuffer sb, int depth)
          Add some information in the middle of the default toString method.
 void typeset(Noad previousNoad, NoadList noads, int index, NodeList list, MathContext mathContext, java.util.logging.Logger logger)
          Translate a Noad into a NodeList.
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getColor, getNucleus, getTypesettingContext, toString
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getLocalizer, getSpacingClass, getSubscript, getSuperscript, makeScripts, rebox, setSpacingClass, setSubscript, setSuperscript, toString, toString, toStringSubsidiaray
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Constructor Detail


public CloseNoad(Noad nucleus,
                 TypesettingContext tc)
Creates a new object.

nucleus - the nucleus
tc - the typesetting context for the color
Method Detail


protected void toStringAdd(java.lang.StringBuffer sb,
                           int depth)
Description copied from class: AbstractNoad
Add some information in the middle of the default toString method.

toStringAdd in class AbstractNoad
sb - the target string buffer
depth - the recursion depth
See Also:
"TTP [696]", AbstractNoad.toStringAdd( java.lang.StringBuffer, int)


public void typeset(Noad previousNoad,
                    NoadList noads,
                    int index,
                    NodeList list,
                    MathContext mathContext,
                    java.util.logging.Logger logger)
             throws TypesetterException,
Description copied from interface: Noad
Translate a Noad into a NodeList.

Specified by:
typeset in interface Noad
previousNoad - the previous noad
noads - the list of noads currently processed
index - the index of the current node in the list
list - the list to add the nodes to. This list contains the Nodes previously typeset. Thus it can be used to look back
mathContext - the context to consider
logger - the logger for debugging and tracing information
ConfigurationException - in case of a configuration problem
TypesetterException - in case of a problem
See Also:
Noad.typeset( de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.Noad, de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.NoadList, int, de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.NodeList, de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.util.MathContext, java.util.logging.Logger)