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de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.util This package contains some utility classes for Noads. 

Uses of MathFontParameter in de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.util

Fields in de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.util declared as MathFontParameter
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.MATH_X_HEIGHT
          The constant MATH_X_HEIGHT contains the height of `x'.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.MATH_QUAD
          The constant MATH_QUAD contains 18mu.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.NUM1
          The constant NUM1 contains the numerator shift-up in display styles.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.NUM2
          The constant NUM2 contains the numerator shift-up in non-display, non-\atop.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.NUM3
          The constant NUM3 contains the numerator shift-up in non-display \atop.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.DENOM1
          The constant DENOM1 contains the denominator shift-down in display styles.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.DENOM2
          The constant DENOM2 contains the denominator shift-down in non-display styles.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUP1
          The constant SUP1 contains the superscript shift-up in uncramped display style.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUP2
          The constant SUP2 contains the superscript shift-up in uncramped non-display.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUP3
          The constant SUP3 contains the superscript shift-up in cramped styles.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUB1
          The constant SUB1 contains the subscript shift-down if superscript is absent.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUB2
          The constant SUB2 contains the subscript shift-down if superscript is present.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUP_DROP
          The constant SUP_DROP contains the superscript baseline below top of large box.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.SUB_DROP
          The constant SUB_DROP contains the subscript baseline below bottom of large box.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.DELIM1
          The constant DELIM1 contains the size of \atopwithdelims delimiters in display styles.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.DELIM2
          The constant DELIM2 contains the size of \atopwithdelims delimiters in non-displays.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.AXIS_HEIGHT
          The constant AXIS_HEIGHT contains the height of fraction lines above the baseline.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.DEFAULT_RULE_THICKNESS
          The constant DEFAULT_RULE_THICKNESS contains the thickness of \over bars.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.BIG_OP_SPACING1
          The constant BIG_OP_SPACING1 contains the minimum clearance above a displayed op.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.BIG_OP_SPACING2
          The constant BIG_OP_SPACING2 contains the minimum clearance below a displayed op.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.BIG_OP_SPACING3
          The constant BIG_OP_SPACING3 contains the minimum baselineskip above displayed op.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.BIG_OP_SPACING4
          The constant BIG_OP_SPACING4 contains the minimum baselineskip below displayed op.
static MathFontParameter MathFontParameter.BIG_OP_SPACING5
          The constant BIG_OP_SPACING5 contains the padding above and below displayed limits.

Methods in de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.noad.util with parameters of type MathFontParameter
 FixedDimen MathContext.mathParameter(MathFontParameter p)
          Extract a font dimen from an appropriate font.
 FixedDimen MathContext.mathParameter(MathFontParameter p, StyleNoad actualStyle)
          Retrieve a font parameter from either a symbol font or an extension font.