Class WhatsItOpenNode

  extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.type.node.AbstractNode
      extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.type.node.WhatsItNode
          extended byde.dante.extex.typesetter.type.node.WhatsItOpenNode
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WhatsItOpenNode
extends WhatsItNode

This WhatsIt node which opens an out file at shipping.

$Revision: 1.8 $
Gerd Neugebauer
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected static long serialVersionUID
          The constant serialVersionUID contains the id for serialization.
Fields inherited from class de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.node.AbstractNode
Constructor Summary
WhatsItOpenNode(java.lang.String theKey, OutFile outFile)
          Creates a new object.
Method Summary
 Node atShipping(Context context, Typesetter typesetter, NodeVisitor visitor, boolean inHMode)
          This method performs any action which are required to executed at the time of shipping the node to the DocumentWriter.
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toString, visit
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Field Detail


protected static final long serialVersionUID
The constant serialVersionUID contains the id for serialization.

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public WhatsItOpenNode(java.lang.String theKey,
                       OutFile outFile)
Creates a new object.

theKey - the key of the file to open
outFile - the out file to open
Method Detail


public Node atShipping(Context context,
                       Typesetter typesetter,
                       NodeVisitor visitor,
                       boolean inHMode)
                throws GeneralException
This method performs any action which are required to executed at the time of shipping the node to the DocumentWriter.

Specified by:
atShipping in interface Node
atShipping in class AbstractNode
context - the interpreter context
typesetter - the typesetter
visitor - the node visitor to be invoked when the node is hit. Note that each node in the output page is visited this way. Thus there is no need to implement a node traversal for the NodeList types
inHMode - true iff the container is a horizontal list. Otherwise the container is a vertical list
the node to be used instead of the current one in the output list. If the value is null then the node is deleted. If the value is the node itself then it is preserved.
GeneralException - in case of an error
See Also:
Node.atShipping( de.dante.extex.interpreter.context.Context, de.dante.extex.typesetter.Typesetter, de.dante.extex.typesetter.type.NodeVisitor, boolean)