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Packages that use MissingLeftBraceException
org.extex.unit.tex.hyphen This package contains the primitives for hyphenations in ExTeX. 

Uses of MissingLeftBraceException in org.extex.unit.tex.hyphen

Methods in org.extex.unit.tex.hyphen that throw MissingLeftBraceException
 void Patterns.execute(Flags prefix, Context context, TokenSource source, Typesetter typesetter)
          Scan the patterns for hyphenation and store this values in the HyphernationTable.
 void HyphenationPrimitive.execute(Flags prefix, Context context, TokenSource source, Typesetter typesetter)
          This method takes the first token and executes it. The result is placed on the stack. This operation might have side effects. To execute a token it might be necessary to consume further tokens.