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ExTeX Debugger

Debugging is a nasty task in TEX. What is missing is a modern debugger with all the possibilities we have in IDEs:

  • Single-step the execution
  • Set break points
  • Watch expressions
  • Inspect the internal state

εχTEX is prepared for this task. Several points for obsering the internal machinery and intervening are provided. On the other side the framework of Eclipse is well prepared to develop a debugger. This can lead to a εχTEX debugger with a graphical user interface.

On both sides the debugger can rely on well-defined interfaces. On the εχTEX side requests for further functionality might be necessary. The debugger to be developed has to provide the glue code between the two worlds.


  • Someone with skills in Java to do the implementation.
εχBib Close to First Release
The sub-project εχBib is close to a first public release. It is a bibliography processor which can be used as a plug-in replacement for BIBTEX. It provides already some of the features announced for BIBTEX 1.0.
Snapshots Available
The εχTEX installer is available in a snapshot version. This snapshot version is automatically generated once a day. Note: it may not be complete nor suitable for any purpose.
Developer's Guide Available
The εχTEX Developer's Guide is available in a draft version.
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