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patgen is a program to generate hyphenation patterns from a list of hyphenated words. This program is available as part of the TEX suite. It should be reimplemented in Java to conform to the εχTEX code base.


  • Someone with skills in Java to do the reimplementation.
εχBib Close to First Release
The sub-project εχBib is close to a first public release. It is a bibliography processor which can be used as a plug-in replacement for BIBTEX. It provides already some of the features announced for BIBTEX 1.0.
Snapshots Available
The εχTEX installer is available in a snapshot version. This snapshot version is automatically generated once a day. Note: it may not be complete nor suitable for any purpose.
Developer's Guide Available
The εχTEX Developer's Guide is available in a draft version.
EuroTeX 2005
εχTEX slides in documentation
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