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Maintaining the Web pages

The public relations work is rather important for any Open Source project. It is necessary to reflect the current activities and the progress to attract attention.

εχTEX has some Web pages and a simple framework for their generation which need to be updated regulariy.


  • Someone with skills in writing and HTML is needed to maintain the Web pages.
εχBib Close to First Release
The sub-project εχBib is close to a first public release. It is a bibliography processor which can be used as a plug-in replacement for BIBTEX. It provides already some of the features announced for BIBTEX 1.0.
Snapshots Available
The εχTEX installer is available in a snapshot version. This snapshot version is automatically generated once a day. Note: it may not be complete nor suitable for any purpose.
Developer's Guide Available
The εχTEX Developer's Guide is available in a draft version.
EuroTeX 2005
εχTEX slides in documentation
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